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We offer

High quality interior painting and decorating services throughout Bath &
surrounding villages.

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The Woman's Touch always gives the client the option to use eco friendly paints which ensures a more comfortable living environment in your home.

The advantages of using these paints mean that you can reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the home, improving indoor air quality; especially if you have respiratory or allergy problems.       

Natural paints are micro-porous, allowing the walls to breathe. Because moisture is not trapped between the wall and the layer of paint, there is no blistering or peeling.       

Natural paints do not use petroleum products and contain ingredients from sustainable sources.       

Because of their non-toxic, natural ingredients, many natural paints are biodegradable, easily disposed of and even fit for a household compost pile once dried. This reduces landfill mass, environmental pollution and disposal costs compared to synthetic paints

See how good our decorating services really are.

Our decorators services are
available throughout Bath.

Take a look at how we can improve your home.

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